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Welcome to the Orange Index, a pioneering initiative at the intersection of impact measurement and sustainable investment. The Orange Index is not just a metric; it's a transformative tool that redefines how we perceive, measure, and invest in impactful enterprises. Here's a closer look at what sets the Orange Index apart:

Grounded in data collected through IIX Values from hundreds of sustainable MSMEs and thousands of individuals globally, the index distills over 35 indicators into 20 key metrics, utilizing Min-Max Scaling for normalization to provide a standardized evaluation.

Community, Gender, Climate

Our Mission

At the core of the Orange Index is a steadfast mission – to drive sustainable development and empower impact-driven decision-making. We believe in the power of data to shape a world where businesses thrive by creating positive change.

Why "Orange"?

The vibrant color orange symbolizes energy, optimism, and transformation. It reflects the dynamic impact that businesses can have on communities and the environment. The Orange Index embodies this spirit, envisioning a future where every investment leaves a lasting, positive imprint.


Orange Index is dedicated to promoting gender equality within organizations. Through key gender-related indicators, we measure and celebrate diversity and inclusion, fostering environments that empower all.


We assess the impact of MSMEs on the livelihoods and resilience of local communities against financial and environmental risks. Our platform highlights organizations contributing to robust economic development.


Orange Index evaluates and promotes climate-conscious practices within organizations. We measure environmental impact through key indicators, inspiring businesses to adopt sustainable practices.

Deep Methodology

The Orange Index employs a comprehensive methodology grounded in data collected through IIX Values. We focus on hundreds of sustainable MSMEs globally, evaluating them across three key pillars: Gender, Community, and Climate. By distilling over 35 indicators into 20 key metrics and using Min-Max Scaling for normalization, the index provides a standardized evaluation.

Unlocking Benefits

For investors, the Orange Index offers more than just numbers. It provides a clear, user-friendly assessment of MSMEs, empowering investors with insights into the gender, economic, and climate impact of their potential investments. It's a guiding compass for making impactful, sustainability-driven investment decisions.

Join the Movement

The Orange Index is more than an index; it's a movement towards a future where every investment counts. Join us in reshaping the narrative of impact investment, where the color orange represents not just a hue but a commitment to creating a world of positive change. Explore the Orange Index and be part of the impact investment revolution.

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